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Japanese Journ. of Entomology (Tokyo)


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JJE 02057 
Kobayashi T., Inaizumi M., 1999: The rate and factors of mortality from the completion of overwintering in larvae to emergence of adults in a nymphalid, Sasakia charonda (Hewitson). 12 pp. [LEP 4922]  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 2(2): 57-68.
  50  2
JJE 02210 
Kipyatkov V. E., 1999: Fourth European Workshop of invertebrate ecophysiology. 2 pp. [EVE 375]  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 2(4): 210-211.
  50  2
JJE 04049 
Kitamura K., Maeta Y., Takahashi K., Miyanaga R., 2001: Nest architecture of a Japanese lithurgine bee, Lithurgus (Lithurgus) collaris Smith (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae), with notes on the relationship between burrow diameter and thickness of thorax in various taxa of bees. 13 pp. [51171]  Japanese journal of entomology (N.S.). 4(2): 49-61.
  95  4
JJE 07001 
Katayama E., 2004: Nesting biology of Megachile pseudomonticola Hedicke, with special reference to the manipulation and adhesion of leaf pieces used for cell construction. 10 pp. (in Japanese). [HYM 5855]  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 7(1): 1-10.
  50  2
JJE 07173 
Kaneko S., 2004: Positive impacts of aphid-attending ants on the number of emerging adults of aphid primary parasitoids and hyperparasitoids through exlusion of intraguild predators. 11 pp. [HEM 2975]  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 7(4): 173-183.
  50  2
JJE 10053 
Konishi K., 2007: Hymenopterous parasitoids of Chromatomyia horticola (Goureau) in Hokkaido, Japan. 8 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 10(3): 53-61.
  50  2
JJE 11025 
Katoh T., Furukawa K., Katakura H., 2008: DNA analysis of insects using reflex bleeding. 7 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 11(1): 25-31.
  50  2
JJE 11069 
Kawakami Y., 2008: Life cycle of Bryothinusa algarun Sawada (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in the Osaka Nanko Bird Sanctuary. 5 pp. (in Japanese).  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 11(2): 69-73.
  50  2
JJE 11075 
Kagawa Y., Ito N., Maeto K., 2008: Species composition of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae and Brachinidae) in an agricultural landscape consisting of a mosaic of vegetation types. 10 pp. (in Japanese).  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 11(2): 75-84.
  50  2
JJE 11185 
Konno Y., Muramatsu S., 2008: Oviposition site preference of the near-threatened butterfly, Luehdorfia puziloi (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) on Mt. Aoba, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. 8 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 11(4): 185-192.
  50  2
JJE 11193 
Kishida R., Suzuki N., 2008: Temporal resource partitioning among the burying beetle Nicrophorus quadripunctatus Kraatz, ants, and flies on decayed carrion. 9 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 11(4): 193-201.
  50  2
JJE 13058 
Kishimoto T., 2010: Review of agenda for biodeversity conservation by Japanese government and the role of entomologists. 11 pp. (in Japanese).  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 13(2): 58-68.
  50  2
JJE 14093 
Kadowaki K., Yamazoe K., 2011: Geographic patterns of insect communities on the wood-decaying bracket fungus Cryptoporus volvatus (Polyporaceae: Basidiomycota). 12 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.)14(2): 93-104.
  95  4
JJE 14177 
Kato K., Watanabe M., 2011: Foraging flights of Sympetrum infuscatum (Selys) adults inhabiting cedar forest gaps of satoyama (Odonata: Libellulidae). 10 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 14(3): 177-186.
  95  4
JJE 14206 
Konuma J., 2011: Mechanisms of morphological diversification in snailfeeding carabid beetles. 9 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 14(3): 206-214.
  50  2
JJE 14276 
Kuranouchi T., Mochizuki A., Suzuki K., Kojima H., Goka K., 2011: Change of the amounts of nitrogen and carbon in the decayed wood chips by rearing of the stag beetle, Dorcus titanus pilifer (Coleoptera: Lucanidae). 5 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 14(4): 276-280.
  50  2
JJE 15015 
Katayama M., Tatsuta H., 2012: Relative abundance and its seasonal variation of zygopteran larvae on Okinawajima Island. 6 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 15(1): 15-20.
  50  2
JJE 15159 
Katayama E., Matsuda T., 2012: Nesting biology and nest architecture of the Japanese leaf-cutting bee Megachile kyotensis Alfken (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae,). 13 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.)15(3): 159-171
  50  2
JJE 15172 
Koshiyama Y., Watanabe H., Hirata T., 2012: Record of Anthracophora rusticola (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) adults in a breeding nest of the Mountain hawk-eagle Spizaetus nipalensis (Falconiformes: Accipitridae). 3 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.)15(3): 172-174.
  50  2
JJE 15199 
Komatsu T., Mori H., Nomura S., 2012: Host ant record of myrmecophilous Pselaphinae beetle endemic to Ogasawara Islands, Japan. 6 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 15(4): 199-204.
  50  2
JJE 15232 
Kiritani K., 2012: Studies of the population dynamics of Trypoxylus dichotomus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), a bioindicator species of the Satoyama landscape, for determination of its baseline reference density. 11 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 15(4): 232-242.
  50  2
JJE 16039 
Kojima H., Morita M., Kohiyama K., 2013: An image database of the Japanese weevils excluding Scolytidae and Platypodidae. 4 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 16(1): 39-42.
  50  2
JJE 16087 
Kago H., Yokogawa M., Fujisawa T., Noma N., 2013: The impact of bamboo cutting on species diversity and community structure of ground beetles (Coleoptera; Carabidae) at Riparian Forests in the Inukami River. 10 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 16(2): 87-96.
  50  2
JJE 16097 
Kishi M., Fujisaki K., 2013: Different seasonal prevalences and life history in alien species Rhagadotarsus kraepelini and native species Aquarius paludum paludum (Hemiptera: Gerridae) in Japan. 7 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 16(2): 97-103.
  50  2
JJE 17002 
Kobayashi J., 2014: Comparative morphology of the female internal reproductive organs in the Japanese Odonata (Preliminary report). 8 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 17(1): 2-9.
  50  2
JJE 17059 
Kawakami Y., Murakami K., 2014: Relationship between species composition of marine beetles and beach area and/or isolation distance. 8 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 17(2): 59-66.
  50  2
JJE 18104 
Kobayashi Y., 2015: A new record of Henosepilachna yasutomii Katakura, 1981 from Mt. Hy˘no-sen, Tottori prefecture, Japan. 2 pp.  Japanese Journal of Entomology (N. S.) 18(4): 104-105.
  50  2

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